Big Blue Apron Versus Green Giant Tree

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Big Blue Apron Versus Green Giant Tree  – You are doing ok Blue Apron, but it’s time you go from good to great.

Value-Add from Blue Apron – Round #1

We researched your product and know many people who use Blue Apron personally. The food is phenomenal and the concept saves a lot of food. The feedback we get is always positive; people never throw food away, and the event of cooking has increased value in many areas of someone’s personal life. BBA 1 – 0 GGT

This is where we ask Blue Apron to go from Cool to Great.

The Paper Recipe – Round #2

Blue Apron – We invite you to be part of the #projectpaperlessclub. Why do you put paper recipes in the box? We get it. There is a great number of your clients who like the paper guide. But, what about the ones who are environmentally-conscious and hate to recycle, or even reuse in the first place. Don’t you have instructions online already?

We should all have the “gusto” of checking a box to opt out of the paper bullshit. A stronger how-to video library could fix the change. #projectpaperlessclub BBA 1 – 1 GGT

The Process to Recycle Paper

From: American Forest and Paper Association

The Box – Round #3

You have a strong aluminum to the canvas, to the plastic bag inside. I get it, you need to insulate and protect the food – which is already in a hefty box. The box – A hefty cardboard. Sometimes strong enough to become the recycling bin. Have you considered making a “Re-Use” program where the customer sends back the aluminum bag back for credit? How about removing the box overall and shipping a slightly stronger aluminum shipping bag? BBA 1 – 2 GGT

Bottom Line: Big Blue Apron Versus Green Giant Tree

The winner and undisputed champion of the environment is #GREENGIANTTREE.

Blue Apron – Thank you for teaching us how to recycle. Your “reuse” ideas are commendable. But we need you to stop forcing us to recycle or reuse in the first place. BTW – Three double-sided pages x (x) amount of shipments = the funding for a park make-over in your nearest location. #greengianttree #lesspaper #greengianttree

Environmental Impact Map – The Good and The Bad

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