Bloomingdales Environmental Complaint Card

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Environmental Complaint Card

Name of Company: Bloomingdales

Industry: Department Store

Company Profile (Source D&B):

Popular culture goes on sale every day at Bloomingdale’s. A subsidiary of retail giant Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s about 40 upscale department stores and home stores in more than a dozen states. The company’s flagship store at 59th and Lexington is a Manhattan institution and tourist attraction. It also operates more than 15 Bloomingdale’s Outlet stores (measuring about 25,000 square feet) and Overseas, Bloomingdale’s operates under a lease agreement in Dubai.

Founded in 1872 by brothers Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale, the store rode the popularity of the hoop skirt to sales success and practically invented the department store concept at the dawn of the 20th Century.


Bloomingdale’s product lines include clothing and accessories products such as bags & briefcases belts cologne & grooming, cufflinks & tie bars, hats, gloves & scarves, jewelry, luggage & travel, socks, sunglasses, ties, bow ties & pocket squares, wallets, clips & key rings, watches. The company’s direct-to-consumer business is now solely focused on e-commerce (

Geographic Reach

Bloomingdale’s operates more than a dozen stores in California, and eight locations each in New York and Florida. Other important markets for the upscale chain include Illinois and New Jersey. Bloomingdale’s also operates in Dubai, UAE under a license agreement.

Environmental Impact: Negative

Issue: Paper Consumption, De-Forestation, CO2 Exposure, Clutter

Bloomingdales continues to send random paper catalogs to fulfill their marketing and advertising campaigns. This is unacceptable to the environment and its population, and we hope changes come soon. There are many ways to perfect this strategy, one of them becoming paperless. We suggest a strong Document Management System to help digitize the workflow of paper-driven processes. We also suggest a strong digital signage and forms capture initiative. By implementing visual signage and automated forms, companies will truly convert to a digital transformation from STEP ONE.

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