Blue Apron Vs Tree Forest – World Population Waste Management

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World Population to Blue Apron – Paper Waste Management Alert

Our Environmental Report Card is a collection of standards we want to correct. We consider three major aspects when issuing an ERC; negative impact, alternatives, and resolutions. The main point of focus is helping alleviate Waste Management overloads. At the same time, we are empowering the World Population to understand how imperative Digital Transformation could be when replacing some of these Paper-Based and Plastic-Based processes.

Value-Add from Blue Apron – Round #1

Waste Management – Paper

We researched your product and know many people who use Blue Apron personally. The food is phenomenal and the concept saves a lot of food. The feedback we get is always positive; people never throw food away, and the event of cooking has increased value in many areas of someone’s personal life. BBA 1 – 0 GGT

Paper Waste Management requires a Digital Transformation

The Paper Recipe – Round #2

Blue Apron – We invite you to be part of the #projectpaperlessclub. Why do you put paper recipes in the box? We get it. There is a great number of your clients who like the paper guide. But, what about the ones who are environmentally-conscious and hate to recycle, or even reuse in the first place. Don’t you have instructions online already?

We should all have the ‘gusto’ of checking a box to opt out of the paper bullshit. A stronger how-to video library could fix the change. #projectpaperlessclub BBA 1 – 1 GGT

The Process to Recycle Paper

From: American Forest and Paper Association

The Box – Round #3

You have a strong aluminum to the canvas, to the plastic bag inside. I get it, you need to insulate and protect the food – which is already in a hefty box. The box – A hefty cardboard. Sometimes strong enough to become the recycling bin. Have you considered making a “Re-Use” program where the customer sends back the aluminum bag back for credit? How about removing the box overall and shipping a slightly stronger aluminum shipping bag? BBA 1 – 2 GGT

Bottom Line: Big Blue Apron Versus Green Giant Tree

The winner and undisputed champion of the environment is #GREENGIANTTREE.

Blue Apron – Thank you for teaching us how to recycle. Your “reuse” ideas are commendable. But we need you to stop forcing us to recycle or reuse in the first place. BTW – Three double-sided pages x (x) amount of shipments = the funding for a park make-over in your nearest location. #greengianttree #lesspaper #greengianttree

Environmental Impact Map – The Good and The Bad

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