Digital Workflow Assistant – Automate Your Daily Processes

Digital Workflow Assistant – Automate Your Daily Processes

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Let a Digital Workflow Assistant Do Those Repetitive Processes

Most of us have to wake up in the morning and go to work. A lot of us start our working day the same way; we drink coffee, check our emails, and organize our day based on priority tasks. The descriptive list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities is called a Job Description. We soon realize time has changed and there is a buzz regarding the automation of business processes. The time is here for a  Digital Workflow Assistant.

What is a Job Description?

A broad and general description of a specific job, based on a job analysis. A job description generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions. The job title usually designates the type of description defined. Job description usually forms the basis of the job specification. The tasks, scope, and responsibilities are usually part of a workflow. Perfect or not, workflows tend to maintain a certain burden of cost across most organizations.

The illustration below shows an average employee’s daily workload (left side):

A Digital Workflow Assistant (on the right) can alleviate some of these burdens by taking the Average Employee’s mundane repetitive processes and automate them through triggers and variations. In addition, the Digital Workflow Assistant has plenty of room to create more added-value productivity enhancing the process with full integration, peripheral leverage, workflow management, and scalability. #futureproof

What Happens When a Digital Workflow Assistant Disrupts the Current Workplace?

You have now successfully freed-up plenty of time for the Current Average Employee. Illustration 2.1 below shows (in green) the amount of “revenue-producing” activities your employee has. So if the question every rises: “Robots are replacing us at work!” you can counter and say – “Automation is here to help you become more successful and profitable.”

Click below and Request a Digital Workflow Assistant Demo and start becoming more productive and profitable.

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