Quickstart Features: DocuWare Markup Tools

Simplifying your document-centric processes with DocuWare Markup Tools.

Write notes, redact things you want to keep private, or highlight important content.

There are still a great number of employees who resist change. There are many applications running inside corporate IT infrastructures. One of DocuWare’s main objective was to create a solution that can co-exist with current habits most of us have. Writing notes, redacting things you want to keep private, or highligting important content are things you should be able to do.

Through Docuware Markup tools, people can continue to behave the way they want to. People have baskets and paper on their desks because they want to write on them. People also like to highlight useful important details.

How Do I Enable the Markup Tools and other features?

  1. Open your browser DocuWare interface. If you need help getting started, please read DocuWare Quickstart Guide.
  2. Go to the middle of the browser and click the downward arrow as seen here:
enable markup tools

>> There is a great DocuWare intro video with instructions on how to import and process documents. You will also learn how to customize your dashboard.

General Startup DocuWare Video

DocuWare Markup Tools

The DocuWare Video We Strongly Recommend

How do I directly print directly into DocuWare?


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