Quickstart Features: DocuWare Printer

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DocuWare simplifies your document-centric processes with DocuWare Printer.

DocuWare Printer and Microsoft Word

There are still a great number of employees who will resist change. There are many applications running inside corporate IT infrastructures. We created a solution through Docuware Printer for people who use Microsoft Office or Gmail (and a few others depending on the integration) and help them ingest documents into DocuWare without leaving their environment.

DocuWare Printer

How Do I Print Directly Into DocuWare?

  1. Open Microsoft Word (you can use any other application you print from)
  2. Go to File > Print
  3. Select the “DocuWare Printer”
  4. Select Print
  5. You document will appear in your DocuWare Inbox Tray

How to markup your documents?

learn how to write notes, redact, highlight digitally

>> There is a great DocuWare intro video with instructions on how to import and process documents. You will also learn how to customize your dashboard.

The DocuWare Video We Strongly Recommend

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