DocuWare Quickstart Features and Instructions

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DocuWare simplifies your document-centric processes with robust features.

The more we meet with a number of New York City corporations, we become more passionate to help all these leaders achieve a Paperless environment.

This page is focused on simply getting you up and running using existing DocuWare content. I will try to include videos and material as I find them. This does not represent nor is trying to replace DocuWare‘s stellar support and software integrity.

How to access DocuWare for the first time, and start using the demo we created for you:

The very first thing you need is the URL of the demo. The URL usually contains the name of your company followed by some sort of DocuWare indicator.

Here is a sample DocuWare sample URL:

You will also be given a username and password. This is that moment you will use it. For demo purposes, please leave the “DocuWare account” enterprise selected.

docuware login

DocuWare’s Dashboard

docuware dashboard

Note: This dashboard is simple and intuitive. The dashboard’s characteristics are similar to your desk. There is a basket on your desk and file cabinets everywhere. So does DocuWare.

Once logged in, the fun starts. You now have a few choices, but first, let’s quickly go over your dashboard. Digital transformation is about to happen to your life and now you can customize the experience!

We have a great intro video with instructions on how to import and process documents. You will also learn how to customize your dashboard to your liken.

The DocuWare Video We Strongly Recommend

How Do I Print Directly Into DocuWare?

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