Environmental Responsibility During Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation Meets Environmental Responsibility

A company, who will remain nameless (ABX Company), finally came to the realization that it needed to put its “foot down” regarding their Environmental Responsibility. ABX realized a digital transformation was in the works. The rest of the workers also believed the same way; focus on content services technology to replace the paper-based process and a digital transformation solution that can handle document management approval processes. ABX noticed right away exactly where to start. Accounting (Accounts Payable), and Human Resources. ABX was convinced this is where the most tangible ROI could be leveraged.

We Resist Change Almost Automatically

Most of us in life resist change. Importantly, we resist change because we become complacent, or comfortable, to our old ways. It is safe to say that, if you are going to implement a solution, it better have a native infrastructure and process support for the current solutions you have in place. Such a solution should have a level of security suitable to the demands of the Internet Wild West.

Environmental Responsibility is a Noble Purpose

The deforestation process is moving at a rapid pace.

What is the Return on Investment During a Digital Transformation?

We can start with Population Source’s Digital Workflow Assistant employee workload chart:

Environmental Impact Map – The Good and The Bad

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