Fireworks Affect Environment – Should We Ban the Use of Them?

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Fireworks affect the environment in many ways.

We celebrate many things in life. Many celebrate graduations and weddings. We go crazy for New Year’s and Halloween. We also go nuts in Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

Fireworks – The one thing all these celebrations have in common.

Let Us Not Blow Something Up – Fireworks Affect Environment

In order for fireworks to ignite there needs to be a combination of several invasive chemicals; charcoal, sulfur fuel, and potassium nitrate. In addition, the production of invasive gases and smoke as residual of these burned chemicals is of negative impact on living organisms. I hope we can all agree with this statement.

People Dancing Produced Kinetic Energy – We spent time at the dance floor and were able to capture a few Joules.

Is This Safe for the Environment?

You tell us. We think IGNITING ANYTHING into the atmosphere is NO BUENO. The production of smoke, especially one from gunpowder, is lethal for animals, plants, and the human respiratory system. Unless of course, it’s an unnecessary evil to produce large levels of smoke. Many of these chemicals have a hard time breaking down into the environment. Thus, the reason how mercury from emission ends up in the fish we eat. Fireworks Affect Environment.

FDA – Mercury in Fish

Solution – We need to consider LED & Sound Show. There are companies fully equipped to provide amazing large-event equipment to duplicate the show.

As usual, tell us what you think. Should we ban fireworks from holiday shows?

Environmental Impact Map – The Good and The Bad

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