Petition: Reimburse Customers Who Utilize Reusable Food Containers

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Hotel | Restaurant | Catering (HORECA) Petition: Reimburse Customers Who Utilize Reusable Food Containers.

We @Population Source are focused on creating ideas such as reusable food containers to reduce the (-) negative environmental impact, and increase (+) positive change. Population Source wants to change the mindset and provide positive reinforcement – by petitioning to help people receive a refund/credit of $0.50 for bringing their own containers when picking up food (carry-out). Items include:

  • Coffee cup/container
  • Re-usable soda cups
  • Re-usable water bottles
  • Glass soup bowls

Our goal is to dramatically reduce our waste-to-landfill of plastics, paper, and pollution while motivating the population in the process.

As part of this petition, we also propose a $0.10 refund/credit for people who want to use their own:

  • Grocery bags
  • Delivery boxes
  • Carry-away totes

We believe in giving people the choice to bring their own containers to pick up carry-out. We also believe an incentive will continue to push for reducing plastic-to-landfill impact in the environment.

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