Project Paperless – Environmental Responsibility Through Content Services

Project Paperless Office is an Environmental Responsibility Out of Love.

Here Are 6 Ways Project Paperless Helps the Environment:

#1 Impact on Environment

Environmental Protection is everyone’s responsibility. We maintain the forests! There will be little to no deforestation for the purposes of producing paper. We also stop the usage of machinery and fuel in relation to paper. Therefore, reducing the pollution associated with the process. There will also be a major impact on the process of recycling since there is little to no paper to recycle. The major hurdle is also paper-based processes becoming transparent fully paperless using a full-service online marketing automation solution.

#2 Save Money

Interested in putting money back into the bottom-line? Some of the toughest internal questions you can ask yourself is – Can I truly stick to a plan with high return? There are some hard costs associated with running a back-office. For example, costly items you can save on are Paper cost, Ink cost, Real Estate, Power bills, Shipping costs

#3 Increase Productivity

Create Concise Workflows, Integrate Data with Other Processes | Departments. The ongoing challenge for office managers is – How do I increase productivity without hurting morale? Having a Total Paperless Office gives you breathing room to create digital triggers and notification. This process starts by creating an easier way to remind others or yourself. Also, you can also set up automatic document next-step actions.

#4 Create Extra Space

Depending on the area where you live, real estate prices add-up and impact your ROI. For instance, the square footage in NYC is different than Oklahoma City. Creating extra space with your savings will save you money. Space can also increase room for the extra toys you always wanted to get the sales department.

#5 Find Information Faster

Information comes at you in many different ways. Subsequently, a piece of information, also known as “content”, can come as a fax, email, metadata, data sources, scans, etc. We like to keep things simple and call this “stuff”. In addition, information becomes accessible by way of indexing. Such technology is used by search engines such as Google.

#6 Allocate Employee’s Efforts

Get a Digital Workflow Assistant – A.I. is the Solution. If you want more information regarding cutting down on paper and creating a Digital Workflow Assistant, email Someone will be in touch shortly after. Maybe our Digital Workflow Assistant… 😉

Environmental Impact Map – The Good and The Bad

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The Pain of Statistics – Harsh Realities.

There have been arguments regarding delays in government legislation. Nonetheless, we face a brutal truth regarding the profit made from the paper industry. Paper consumption starts at the level of deforestation to the conversion of paper, to packaging and distribution. Statistics Portal STATISTA released data from 2011 to 2015 indicating the “Financial key figures of the U.S. forest, paper, and packaging (FPP) industry” and a humongous Revenue amount of *96.1 billion ($).

40% of Americans understand the true concept of a paperless office and less than 20% really use the technique of “reuse” or “recycle.

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