Petition: Restaurant Incentive Program to Help Achieve Zero Plastic Waste

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We believe in giving people a choice to bring their own containers to pick up carry-out or retail (and get $ back, and achieve zero plastic waste too).

Population Source is looking to help achieve zero plastic waste.

Population Source is asking dining and food establishments to give customers three types of refunds/ credit. First, a $1.00 refund/credit if they decide to bring their own food containers for food pickup (with a minimum purchase amount). We will put the choice back on the customer. In addition, a $0.25 refund/credit for bringing their own coffee/ soda/water bottle, and a $0.10 refund/credit per grocery bag saved if a customer brings their own bag.

We believe in giving people the choice to bring their own containers to pick up carry-out.

Also, we believe an incentive will continue to push for reducing plastic-to-landfill impact in the environment. We want to work together to stop world pollution. Most importantly, our ultimate goal is zero plastic waste to landfill.

We need your help signing our White House and Congress Petitioning to establish an incentive program for reusable food containers. Subsequently, we are asking restaurants to reimburse people who bring containers, mugs, and reusable grocery bags.

The goal: Zero waste to landfill. #populationsource #environment #zerowastelandfill #reuse

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