Sustainable Dance Floor – Innovative Energy Source

Science in the Square “Sustainable Dance Floor” visits New York City.

The World Science Festival holds a massive event in Times Square, New York City full of events, music, and hands-on activities. “The purpose of Science in the Square was to educate, entertain, and inspire people to appreciate the earth and its surroundings. Topics concerning our planet included sustainability, global warming, re-use and recycle. The first, sustainability, was one of the main focuses of this event. New York is very aware of sustainability technology. For example, some of the activities included the Sustainable Dance Floor. The floor is a creative way of showing energy consumption and capture. As seen on the video below, as people danced, they generated kinetic energy.

The Sustainable Dance Floor is the world’s first energy dance floor that converts the kinetic energy of dancing people to electricity.

People Dancing Produced Kinetic Energy – We spent time at the dance floor and were able to capture a few Joules.

Generally speaking, the idea is to use the exercise, convert into the device which stores the energy. Additionally, people can enjoy the activity – and follow Energy Floor‘s suggestions:

  1. Use it to power a national monument
  2. Try it as a photo booth
  3. Use it to charge an electric car
  4. Play an Energy Battle on it
  5. Use it as a Silent Disco
  6. As a Phone Charger
  7. Create an immersive brand experience

Aside from all the learning, one of the main events of Science is in the Square is Sustainable Dance Floor.

The piece depicts a much-increasing concern for how we generate energy. “I have never had this much fun while doing science,” said Jean M. from California, who is visiting Times Square for the first time.

Sustainable Dance Floor is a work of art to help create awareness. Also, we need to bring the focus back to renewable energy and a sustainable environment.

The event Sustainable Dance Floor was performed from 6 pm to 11 pm, June 1 – 3 2017

Developed: Energy Floors

Created: Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera


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